Increase your web sites profitability without lifting a finger!

We match publishers to quality relevant advertisers

If you are reading this you have probably been contacted about selling text ads on your website for one of our clients. This entire process is very simple and we do all the work for you.

Once we agree on the monthly price of your ads we will offer your ad space to our client. After we complete the transaction we will add your website to our inventory and contact you each time a client needs advertising that fits your theme.

We deal with a lot of webmasters so if the price of your ads is right we can bring you a lot of repeat business.

What do the ads look like?

All of our ads are contextual. We attempt to blend them seamlessly into your site.

For an example please view these sample pages. We have placed a red arrow next to the ads so that you can see them.

Example: Click Here

We find that these types of ads help to improve overall rankings in major search engines such as Google and these contextual ads generate good click-through ratios from users.

Our only special requests are for the ads not to be identified by terms such as "paid", "sponsored", or "advertisers". These words invalidate the power of the ad. We are willing to work with you in order to properly identify these ads in a way that is beneficial for both you as the publisher and for the advertiser. Also, we ask that you incorporate the ad into the editorial section of your page. We prefer for the ads to be in the body of the page, not in the side bar or footer.

Sounds great, so what do I get paid?

We pay each site on an individual basis.

We allow you to set your own pricing for your ad space. There are a few things that you should keep in mind when setting your prices.

  1. Text based ads are very small and do not take up a lot of real estate.
  2. The lower your prices are the more attractive your space will look in our inventory. Low priced ad space will always sell out first.
  3. We only sell ads related to your site and we sell up to a maximum of 10 ads per page. You can always set the maximum number of ads you whish to sell to a lower number if you do not want 10 ads.

Example of Profits

Home Page:
Lets say you sell your ads at $25 x 10 ads = $250 per month

Interior Pages:
$15 x 10 ads = $150 x 4 pages =$600 per month

Total = $850 per month for 5 page

*This is just an example of what a site could make over time as we sell out your ad space.

We pay our publishers no later than ten days after the end of the month. If the advertisers renew and they most often do, you can grow your revenue from month to month.

We prefer to pay you via credit card or paypal account. However, we can also mail you a monthly check.

Can you help me set pricing?

Below is a very general pricing guide for those of looking for pricing help.

$10 - $25 per link (monthly) Quality lower traffic sites

$25 - $60 per link (monthly) Quality medium traffic sites

$60 and up per link (monthly) - Quality High Traffic sites

Remember - The cheaper you set your prices the more attractive your space looks.

There is really no reason not to join!

Let us work for you free of charge

Once you're in our inventory we will actively attempt to sell your ad space to qualified advertisers. You will always have the final say, so you will never display an ad you are unhappy with.

So what are you waiting for, this won't cost you a penny. Let us sell for you today.